Madi Murphy¬†‚ėĺ Cosmic Consultant¬†


Madi Murphy is an astrologer, intuitive, spiritual mentor, wellness entrepreneur... and your new high-vibe hype woman. 

Madi is an intuitive astrologer, mystic mentor, spiritual entrepreneur, no-bullsh*t baddie... and she wants to help you align with highest and hottest self.

Tune in weekly to CosmicRx Radio as cosmic consultant and co-founder of CosmicRx Radio Madi Murphy combines her spiritual teachings with practical, actionable steps dive deep into topics like astrology, mindset magic, social change, empowered living and conscious leadership- usually with a dash of pop culture and humor thrown in.

Join tens of thousands of other Cosmic Baddies to get your weekly astro weather aka "energy report” to empower you for the week ahead. Or listen as Madi interviews other change-makers and thought leaders to gain insight on their journey while providing you with tools to fuel your personal evolution… and revolution! 

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Ratings, Reviews & Testimonials 

“Before working with Madi, I second-guessed if I even had a purpose in life. Now I know that I do and I know how to live it. It’s like my world went from black and white to color. I am truly forever changed by this work and by Madi’s cosmic guidance.”

Madi understands the spiritual realm but also the business world. She is MAGICAL AF and is so easy to connect with and to allow her to guide you on a journey back to your true self. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE WORKED WITH THIS INCREDIBLE SOUL AND TO CALL HER A FRIEND NOW. LOVE YOU MADI.


Coaching with Madi helped me not only to get back in touch with my spirituality, but it helped me also to practice more self-love, which I didn't realize I was lacking. Madi’'s way of first working to strengthen my foundation was so key in order for me to make any real lasting changes. The wisdom and techniques she shared with me I continue to use daily. Madi has added so much value to my life and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you again.


Madi is seriously amazing. Within the past year that I have worked with her, I have experienced significant positive changes within my life, more than I could have ever imagined. Over the year, we have been working on various topics, trying to put me in balance over all. Yet once we started working on specifics, everything that came to her during our sessions came to fruition. It has been an incredible and indescribable experience. The one word I can use is magical. Working with Madi has been a magical experience, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Thank you, Madi!

-New York

Work with Madi 1:1 

Cosmic coaching is for those who desire to live in their true purpose and optimize their natal potential while aligning with their highest and hottest selves. 

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$1400 / Month

in a life-changing container that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Twice-a-month¬†1:1¬†Cosmic Coaching calls¬†where we pull in multiple¬†healing modalities to help you lead with self-love, intuition and pleasure...¬†while helping you create meaningful breakthroughs in your life!¬†
  • Personalized astrological guidance in real-time, including how to best manifest with the New and Full Moons.¬†
  • All-Access VIP Service where you can contact me via Voxer¬†with any of your astrology or life questions.¬†
  • Mystical homework that includes self-healing work, journal prompts, card spreads and worksheets.
  • Your custom "Cosmic Blueprint" that we build together so, by the end of our time together, you have your own toolkit to understand your best practices for mindset work, energy hygiene, intuition development, astrological alignment and more.¬†
  • Tailored to you and fully custom Notion portal bursting at the seams with everything you need to follow your Cosmic Blueprint.
  • Guided healing meditation, flash cards, PDFs and custom exercises... plus¬†bonus goodies and perks!¬†